About Us

What is Sporty Pro?

Sporty Pro is a multi-brand online store featuring the largest collection of sports brands in one place infused with homegrown and global athleisure wear with authentic brands offering first-rate customer service.


Sporty Pro aims to lead the way in becoming an all in one multi brand store with locally and internationally sourced, comfortable, yet fashionable and technically advanced sports wear, performance athleisure wear, accessories, nutrition, sports electronic gadgets and wearables for a wide range of sports and physical activities.


Our vision is to be the leading sports apparel and equipment online store in Egypt and the Middle East fueled by original brands and by leveraging on the unstoppable growth of the “athleisure” trend.

  • To create an exceptional customer experience.
  • To create a booming introduction to the market.
  • To enhance brand awareness among target group.
  • Direct call to action for a lifestyle change promoting athleisure & a sporty lifestyle.


Company Address

Sodic Portal Office Building, A3-12, Sheikh Zayed, Cairo, Egypt